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Get Energy Efficient and Start Saving Money

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient appliances save you money by using less energy to do the same job as your regular appliances. They are highly recommended by our engineers as a great investment.

All A rated boilers are condensing and can save you up to 30% on your gas bills.

Energy saving devices

You can easily and instantly improve the efficiency of your existing heating and hot water systems by asking an experienced engineer to install any of the following energy saving devices:

Modern boilers now come with new energy saving technology, such as Weather Compensation systems by Viessmann.

Get a pipe thermostat for your boiler.

If your boiler has a frost thermostat (frost stat) rather than a pipe thermostat (pipe stat), it could be wasting your fuel and your money.

A frost stat measures the temperature in the area around your boiler, and will turn off your boiler when this area is warm enough. But since boilers are designed to be energy efficient by keeping their heat loss to a minimum, a frost stat is unlikely to work effectively.

A pipe stat measures the temperature in the pipe, and works much better for your boiler, as it is made to protect the pipes from freezing, rather than to control the temperature in the room.

Think you're Energy Efficient?

You're not energy efficient if your boiler isn't serviced properly with an analyser.

If your boiler hasn't been serviced in the last 12 months, call DC Heating to book a servicing today.