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Johnson & Starley Warm Air Heating

Warm Air Systems

A warm air unit heats up a house using warm air rather than water-filled radiators. Some warm units have circulators installed so they can also provide hot water. Our engineers are fully qualified to carry out the specialist work needed to install, service and repair Johnson & Starley warm air units to a professional standard.

Warm Air Unit Installation

Our skilled engineers can install any type of warm air unit in your home. From the initial installation of your new warm air unit, through to its servicing, repair and replacement, our reliable BSure engineers will provide an ongoing first-class professional service at an affordable rate.

Warm Air Heating Servicing

Our skilled engineers can service any type of warm air unit at an affordable rate. Our warm air unit servicing checklist includes:

Warm Air Unit Repairs

Our highly experienced engineers can quickly and efficiently repair most warm air units, as long as replacement parts are available and as long as we think it is economical to do so. Our trusted engineers will always look for the most affordable solution to your problem. If we know that you are likely to save money on future repairs by replacing your old warm air unit with a new one, then we will recommend you do so.

Cleanflow – Warm Air Filtration

The Cleanflow principle is simple and highly effective. It works by polarising the filter media and thereby the particles are attracted to it. Any particles that are not caught by the media have no polarised charge, so will not adhere to soft furnishings or walls and will be caught on subsequent passes.

The electronic screen is charged and in turn polarises the filter media. Particles are then attracted to, and captured within the media pads. Cleanflow will remove 95% of particles down to 1 Micron.